PX4 Driver for the Aerotenna uLanding Radar Distance Sensor

At UAVenture we’ve been using the uLanding Lite from Aerotenna for a few months now as part of our crop spraying development work. The uLanding is a lightweight (60g), sealed radar based distance sensor with about 30m range and a fast 500Hz update rate making it ideal for low altitude terrain following and of course accurate autonomous landings.

Using a radar based distance sensor with a sealed case means that you will not be susceptible to bad distance readings caused by airborne mist from the spray system between the laser and the surface or, worse still, on the laser lenses.

The driver, written by Roman Bapst, has just been submitted to master on PX4‘s github repository and should make it into the next release.

More information: Driver details including setup and demo video

μLanding™ microwave altimeter

Last night in Drone Stuff this week we discussed crop spraying from drones and not 24 hours later a video pops up showing the sort of precision terrain following required to dust.

UAVenture has been testing the uLanding microwave altimeter. uLanding is a (60g), sealed distance sensor with a 30m range and 500Hz update rate. This enables terrain following to happen and is, of course, useful for landings!

The μLanding is a compact microwave altimeter based on Aerotenna’s miniaturised radar technology. μLanding is specially engineered for low profile and low power consumption in UAV applications. It is easy to integrate with flight controllers for autonomous takeoffs and landings.


  • High precision and wide sensing range
  • Miniaturised, compact, lightweight, and low power consumption design
  • Consistent performance in all-weather conditions
  • Easy integration with any airframe
  • Reliable assistant for autonomous takeoff and landing